Grass Fed Blade Roast

A rich beefy flavour perfect for slow roasting.


Each roast is approximately 3lbs, $9.5/lb.


Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, and never get grain as part of their regular diet. During warmer months they rotationally graze through seven pastures on our 100 acre farm.  This ensures fresh forage and gives each pasture a change to rehabilitate between grazings. They always have access to an indoor area with clean fresh water and minerals. We bale both haylage (high moisture hay) and hay from our farm to feed over winter months. Our cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones, and all beef comes vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness.


How To Order


Online Payment - Add the desired quantity of cuts to your cart and checkout online using your preferred payment method. If the total you have paid is greater than +/- 10% based of the actual weight of your meat we will either issue a refund notify you of an outstanding balance upon pickup. 


Cash/E-Transfer/Cheque - Email, message, call or text us your order. We will pull cuts and reply back with the exact amount owing. 

Grass Fed Blade Roast