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Starting a Successful

Farm Business

Fo Farmers, By Farmers

As first generation farmers we had to navigate the puzzle of starting a farm business on our own. One of our biggest frustrations was piecing together bits of information from varying sources. We wished for a single source that could guide us through the processes. 

We see many others who are just like us 5 years ago. They are looking to take their farm or homestead to "income level" but are unsure of where to start.

Just like our farming practices we want to share knowledge and education in all aspects so, we created our 'Business of Farming' course.


Running a farm is busy and unpredictable so we decided to create on demand content for flexible learning. Watch when you want, at your own pace, as many times as you want.


A 9 part video series will guide you through how we started and now run our farm business.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Hobby vs. business, business structures, registration

Module 3: What is farming income, producer regulations, and reporting

Module 4: Accounting

Module 5: HST and why you need to register

Module 6: What is and how to register your farm business, property tax discount

Module 7: Where and what to look for when buying land, assessments, zoning, insurance

Module 8: Funding your farm, loans and grants

Module 9: Resources

In addition to our videos we've included over 50 resources that we've found along the way. A downloadable invoice template to help you get started tracking sales for your business too! These resources are a huge time saver for new producers!​

You'll get lifetime access to our videos and resources to reference along your journey.


We've also created a Facebook Group anyone can join to help share knowledge and continue the conversation for successful farm businesses.


Aspiring or current farmers & homesteaders, land owners, land lookers, new & first generation producers.

This course is for anyone at any stage in their journey. If you're interested in ever making income from a farm or homestead this course has value for you!


We explain why you don't need land to operate a farm business and what steps you should take immediately if you are generating income. If you're a land owner or looking to purchase we share first hand experiences, tips and tricks so you don't make our same mistakes! 

We have tried our best to keep the price of our course affordable and in line with the content offerings. Similar courses like this one or this one cost hundreds of dollars, although we do realized they offer more. In reality we are making a small amount to help us with our son's medical expenses. However, we never want to gatekeep this information due to financial restraints. If you require some shame free help message us and we will be more than happy to work with you.