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Delivery & Sustainability

Learn how we've kept true to our roots of sustainability through cost

effective home delivery options.


We delivery monthly within 30km of the farm (local), and to the Tri-Cities & Guelph.

We always offer free farm pick up anytime, including contactless options.

Cost of Delivery


In short the reality is simply this - our farm doesn’t sell enough volume to subsidize free delivery. Because in reality free delivery isn't, well, free.


To offer delivery we had two choices: roll the cost of delivery into our prices and offer it “free”, or charge for it. And in an effort to keep our products as affordable as possible while ensuring we can continue producing local food we made the decision to charge for delivery. However, like everything we do we want to be transparent with our customers so below you can find the exact breakdown of costs for delivery. Guelph and Tri-Cities is $15 and local delivery is reduced to $10 as our fuel and time is less than our courier partners fees.

If you’re interested in learning more about the guise of free delivery, it’s history, and how it impacts small and local businesses, have a listen to this 6 minute clip from CBC’s Cost of Living.

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Our Packaging


Our commitment to sustainability makes home delivery tricky. How do we keep products frozen without using materials like polystyrene and plastics? And can we source our supplies from Canadian companies? The answer is YES! Welcome to the wonderful world of hemp insulation, 100% compostable liners made in Quebec to keep your order frozen in transit. These liners match the thermal performance of EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation while sequestering 5 times more CO2 than trees. Our boxes are manufactured in Ontario with up to 95% recycled material, boxes can and should be recycled after use.

Once you unpack your order you can…
  • Keep the box and liner to use as a cooler

  • Use the insulation to keep foods warm in transit

  • Turn it into a stray cat house

  • Donate it to a local food bank or charity 

  • Compost the liner in garden and recycle the box

  • Return the box and liner to the farm for a refund of $7!*

*Only if you paid for shipping


Local delivery is within 30km of the farm including Mount Forest, Elora, Fergus, Grand Valley, & Orangeville. 

Guelph and tri-cities includes Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge.


Local delivery is completed by us, your farmers!

For Guelph & Tri-Cities we have partnered with a cost effective same day courier services. 


Each area is currently delivered to once a month on Wednesdays.


All delivery options will be available at checkout, free on farm pick up is always available. 

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