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Name Our Cow Contest

Help us name our newest addition to The Pfisterer Farm - a black Belted Galloway Cow!

Galloways are a Scottish breed of beef cattle known for their delicious marbled meat.

Belted Galloways have a white belt in their shaggy coat and can also be red or dun (brown). Galloways are naturally polled (they don't have horns) and are a small breed of cattle.


She is called a "cow" because she has had her first calf, we are expecting her to calf again at the end of summer!

The winner will not only win bragging rights but a farm tour and meet and greet with their newly named cow! 

How To Enter

1. Colour in all four of our Galloway cattle 

2. Name our black belted Galloway cow by filling in the blank

3. Upload a picture to Facebook or Instagram

4. Tag us as the location of your photo so we see it (@pfistererfarm)

5. Follow our page where we will announce the winner

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