A monthly box of pasture raised chicken from our farm to your table.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture,” and is just one of the many ways customers who believe in local food can support a farmer. But it’s not the only way.


What’s the difference between supporting a farmer through a CSA versus a roadside stand, or a farmer’s market? And why would a person consider signing up for a CSA instead?

These are great questions. And everyone who considers joining a CSA should be asking them.

Feeding the Chickens

Is the relationship to the actual farmer important to you?

Our CSA allows you to access great-tasting food knowing there’s a real farm family’s livelihood depending on it. 


When you join our CSA, we will make an attempt to cultivate a relationship with you! 


This means...

  • We learn your names and work hard to make the “big CSA” feel like a small family

  • We try to plan events to get you engaging with the farm

  • We try to add value to your life, by teaching you about our food’s story, or how to prepare it

  • We do things to help you succeed at eating our food


This doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of these connections. But when you do, your CSA experience becomes richer for both you and us! 


This relationship experience is part of what you are paying for in a CSA arrangement.

Do you value knowing how your chicken was raised?

We speak a lot about this. It's a core value of our farm - we believe everyone has a right to know where and HOW their food was raised. Part of our commitment to you is transparency in our processes and explaining the why behind what we do. 

We share...

  • WHY we raise the Rustic Ranger breed

  • WHY our chicken is pasture raised

  • WHY we chose to raise our birds without antibiotics

  • WHY it's priced the way it is

Do you need control in your menu planning?


Our chicken CSA is a great way to help with meal planning. You know exactly which cuts you're getting and on what date. Our chicken comes frozen giving you flexibility as to when you use it.

Our CSA boxes include...

  • Whole chickens

  • Cuts like breasts, thighs, wings, and drumsticks

  • Ground Chicken

  • Chicken Sausage


We offer delicious recipes for inspiration if you're feeling stuck in rut too! 

Are you looking for a “deal”? Are you comparing CSA prices to the grocery store?

It is absolutely OK to ask “how much does it cost?” to then weigh the pros and cons.

Supporting a CSA financially however is not just about doing a cost analysis of each cut you receive and comparing it to what you’d pay at Freshco or Costco. Our chicken has added value because each box is so much more than just "chicken". 

When you support us you...

  • Support other local businesses

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your food

  • Strengthen our local economy

  • Reduce food waste

  • Promote sustainable farming practices

  • Enable us to give back

This is not something any grocery store can give you.

Free Range Chicken Farm


You commit to support us for 4 or 8 months and pay a deposit up front for your CSA membership.

This enables us to grow chicken for your family starting in March.


From start to finish we raise your chicken on pasture for 12 weeks at our farm.


Butchered to your specified cuts by both an inspected, licensed, and local abattoir and butcher.


Either visit us at the farm to pick up your box where you can purchase other items we have for sale like our amazing free range eggs!​  Or utilize one of our remote pick up locations closer to home.



We offer two time commitment options that guarantees your family pasture raised chicken on a monthly basis. Never worry about price fluctuations or meat shortages.


Our CSA is priced at flat fee of $70 per month and never changes once you have joined. 


4 month commitment * ($280.00)

  • June, July, August, September

  • October, November, December, January

  • February, March, April, May

8 month commitment ($560.00)

  • June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January

* September to January will be available later in August

We never want to gate keep local food with our pricing strategy, please reach out to use if the upfront cost is prohibiting you from accessing our products. We're more than happy to have a shame free discussion about options that work for both of us.​

Three butcher options with a variety of cuts and whole birds to keep you excited in the kitchen. Each box is equivalent to approximately 3 whole chickens. You can always add extra cuts to your monthly box by purchasing what's in stock.


Whole Chickens

  • 3 whole chickens (~ 4lbs)

Classic Cuts

  • Whole chicken (1)

  • Boneless skinless breasts (4)

  • Drumsticks (4) 

  • Bone in skin on thighs (4)

  • Wings (1lb)

  • Soup chicken (2)

Family Favourites

  • Whole chicken (1)

  • Boneless skinless breasts (4)

  • Ground Chicken (1lb)

  • Wings (1lb)

  • Chicken Sausage (1lb)

  • Soup chicken (2)

We'd love for you to visit us at the farm however we know that's not always an option. Choose from on farm pick up or a remote pick up location. 

The Pfisterer Farm

Remote Locations *

  • Guelph

  • Elora

  • Grand Valley

  • Orangeville

* Exact location, date, and times will be shared closer to our first pickup.