First Generation Farmers

In 2015 we purchased our first farm, a modest 3 acre property in Mapleton Township.  The small farm allowed us to learn and grow but we quickly realized we needed more space.  In 2019 we purchased and move to our 'forever' farm, a 100 acre parcel just outside the town of Damascus.  

We are proud to be serving Wellington County  providing local and sustainably raised pasture meats, free range eggs, and seasonal products. 


Besides our love for animal husbandry and sustainably working our land we value knowing exactly how and where our food comes from, and sharing that with our community.


We are committed to farming without compromising our precious resources so our son, and future generations can continue to do the same.

We are advocates for accessible, local, nutritious, affordable food for all. We use the farm to raise funds supporting organizations with similar values and promote grow your own with our vegetaBALES  initiative. 


We are one of the 38,000 farm families proudly represented by OFA across the province.

OFA is a dynamic, producer-led organization based in Guelph, Ontario that works to represent and champion the diverse interests of Ontario’s agri-food sector and rural communities.


Our Farm has an 

Environmental Farm Plan.

Environmental Farm Plans are assessments voluntarily prepared by farm families that highlight their farm's environmental strengths identify areas of environmental concern, and set realistic action plans with time tables to improve environmental conditions. 


Farm Partner of Taste Real

Taste Real supports local businesses and farms by building strategic relationships and partnerships within the farm and food industry. We focus on building strong rural communities and growing one of the most vibrant local food economies and food tourism destinations in Ontario.


Recipient of Seeding Our Future Micro Grant Program.

Seeding Our Food Future provided grants to help individuals, businesses and social enterprises across Guelph and Wellington County promote a green economic recovery and enhance food security as part of their plan in response to COVID-19.